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Each girl that attended St Margaret's will have a connection with the school that is unique to them, but all have one thing in common - that they all care for the future of the school.

The St Margaret's Community exists to inspire and support pupils as well as being a wonderful social and professional network for all its members.

Message from the Head

"As I write this, looking out from my office over the school playground, I am very conscious of the responsibility I have during my tenure as Head, to ensure that the school continues to offer the very best education that it can to its current pupils, as it has done throughout its 170-year history. At St Margaret’s we believe that a single-sex education offers girls the space in which their intellectual and physical identity can blossom, a space which is free from stereotype, full of challenge and rich with opportunity and care. It is in this sort of environment that girls can develop the self-esteem and confidence which will enable them to fulfill their potential and make a positive impact on the world."

Miss Anna Tomlinson, Head

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For further information on how to support the school's Development Fund, please contact our Head of Development, Mrs Lucy Taylor on l.taylor@st-margaret.aberdeen.sch.uk or call 01224 595 189.

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