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"The teacher’s support to every girl in St Margaret’s is something I have witnessed throughout my years here, but most prevalently, in the upper Senior School. I am eternally grateful to the teachers who go above and beyond to ensure that every question is answered, every resource is available, and every girl gets the support that they need. This support is surely a huge reason for our excellent examination results."

Head Girl, 2017-2018


A child needs an environment in which she can thrive and develop, in which she can make use of her talents and abilities, with teachers who take the time to get to know her.

St Margaret's Guidance system aims to create a caring and secure environment for all pupils. Guidance is seen as a whole school responsibility. Each pupil has a First Line Guidance Form Teacher who plays a significant role in the pastoral welfare of the girls. The Form Teacher sees the form class regularly each morning and afternoon for registration and during form time. The Form Teacher is able to get to know each pupil and usually stays with the same group for a number of years.

All class teachers are active in getting to know their pupils and monitor their progress in subject areas. Form and class teachers play their part alongside the Head of Guidance, Guidance Team, Deputy Head and Head. A pupil-centred approach is maintained and all staff work together to help pupils to become successful learners within a happy and safe environment.

Well-being is absolutely at the heart of the school's ethos. We firmly believe that it's happy girls who learn best and make the most progress. 

“And judging by the smiley, confident girls we spoke to, this seems to be working.”

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