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Beyond the Classroom

Our aim here is to have happy, confident girls who know their strengths when they eventually leave us for the wider world.

We provide our pupils at all ages and stages with a variety of extra-curricular opportunities. Music, sport, debating, drama, dance, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and many other activities are available. These are enjoyable in themselves, but they also help girls to develop the skills and personal qualities which will contribute to success and happiness in and beyond school.

In single-sex schools, girls don’t just enjoy equal opportunities, they enjoy all opportunities, whether they be in the arts, sport, science, expeditions, career insights or other extra-curricular activities. Offering a wide choice is key to bringing out their full potential. Each girl can certainly discover for herself what she is good at and have the chance to develop her talents to the full with the support of our dedicated staff. We actively encourage girls to represent the school in the wider community and regularly  celebrate their successes.

There are many extra-curricular activities on offer at St Margaret's. Outside of music, debating, sport and drama, here are some further clubs available for girls to join:

  • Highland Dancing: 1J - 4J
  • Construction Club: 1J - 4J
  • Coding Club: all year groups
  • Computing Club: IS
  • Book Club: IS - VIS
  • Chess Club: 5J - 7J
  • Puzzle Club: 5J - 7J
  • Creative Writing Club: IS - VIS
  • Movie Club: all year groups
"The girls we saw were confident, unaffected and engaged. No preening, no hair flicking. Just happy, really."

The Good Schools Guide 2017

Extra Curricular Clubs and Activities 2018/19
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