Parent Teacher Association

Aims & Objectives

The Parent Teacher Association aims to enhance the educational experience of pupils at the school through a series of social and fundraising initiatives. Together these help to bolster the St Margaret's community, building strong links between parents, staff, and others associated with the school.


We aim to provide additional funds for the purchase of 'desirable' educational and other items that are not covered by the standard school budget. The PTA committee decides, in consultation with staff and pupil councils, how and when funds raised will be used.  Most of the monies raised will be spent in the same academic year but allowance is made for a smaller percentage to roll over into the next academic year.

Join the PTA

The PTA extends a warm and enthusiastic welcome to all new members, volunteers and teachers who together work to help our school community attain its maximum potential.

PTA Meetings

The PTA meets once each term. The meetings are usually held at 4pm on the schools premises for the convenience of parents and typically last no longer than 90 minutes. Coffee and tea are provided. Come along, we'd love to see you. Meeting dates are available via our PTA Facebook page, and are also publicised in the school weekly newsletter.

For more details, please contact our PTA chairperson, Tracey Almeida,

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